Our team is always working on exciting projects around the Baltimore Area. On this page you will find news articles featuring TEDxJHU or one of our accomplished speakers. If you would like work on a media project with us, drop us a line on our contact page!


Seniors impart their wisdom at TEDxJHU

November 10, 2016

TEDxJHU, a student-run organization modeled after the TEDx conferences, held a salon event on Nov. 3 in Bamboo Café.

The event, titled “What They Didn’t Tell You at Orientation,” was geared toward freshmen and featured three senior speakers, Dylan Alvarez, Nadeem Bandealy and Tiffany Onyejiaka, as well as performances by the Octopodes...


TEDx speakers confront global and local issues

March 31, 2016

TEDxJHU hosted a series of Technology Entertainment and Design (TED) talks titled “Instructions Not Included” Saturday in Mudd. Seven speakers attracted an audience of faculty, students and members of the Baltimore community and was live-streamed on JHU’s Ustream channel.

Eric Chen and Steve Park, co-curators of the event, discussed how TEDxJHU chose the event speakers and theme...


Lineup for third TEDxJHU focuses on unconventional success stories

March 21, 2016

TEDxJHU at Johns Hopkins University will explore unconventional success stories. Titled "Instructions Not Included," the event will take place in Mudd Hall on Saturday, March 26 from 1-5 p.m.

TEDxJHU, an independently organized TED event first held in 2014, challenges thought leaders in the fields of technology, education, and design to deliver the "talk of their lives" in 18 minutes or less. Student organizers bring in speakers from Baltimore and beyond for a main event each spring and for smaller salon events held in the fall...


Why math? JHU mathematician, RICHARD BROWN, on teaching, theory, and the value of math in a modern world

November 17, 2015

Math as both profession and course of study can be a hard sell, something even Don Draper might have trouble pitching. The field unites numbers, theories, and ideas that, yes, can be physically represented but remain intangible. Math is a language unto itself that for some might as well be Latin or Klingon. Even its rare turns in popular culture—A Beautiful MindProof, and The Big Bang Theory come to mind—typically depict brilliant but troubled and/or socially handicapped thinkers more absorbed by theory than reality...


Dolphin video game a bold new approach to helping stroke victims relearn motor skills

November 17, 2015

The Johns Hopkins University's School of Medicine's Brain, Learning, Animation, Movement lab has released an interactive video game, "Bandit's Shark Showdown," that could help rehabilitate stroke victims. An article published in the Nov. 23 issue of The New Yorker explores the inspiration and development process behind an app that combines cutting-edge robotics, neuroscience, and game design...